Saturday, June 29, 2013

Do IP's Come in Pocket Size?

Did I mention that my guys are awesome?

Like I want to shrink them down and carry them around in my pocket, so they can pop out throughout the day and say nice things to me.

Things like...

"Becca is the best surrogate match EVER."

"We are very thankful for you being just you the way you are."

"You are truly a superhero."

So sweet.

"Hope you are having sweet dreams right now!"

"You make me smile like the sun."

"Hello sweetheart!"

Yes, these are actual quotes. Getting jealous yet?

"I wish I could do all the needles and meds for you, bearing the child is so much as it is."

"I wish you could just take a pill, a sip of water, and then BAM! Super preggo."

"You are such a super mum."

They are confirming my theory that gay men make better husbands.

"You are brilliant and so funny, and your blog is fantastic.
You will be famous and have a TV show, and you should definitely write a book!"

"You and Austin are fantastic and this feels like a dream."

"I wish you could feel like a princess through the whole pregnancy."

See? I need pocket sized IP's. I bet I'm not the only surrogate who feels this way! :)

Surrogacy Update: The clinic called with my monitoring appointment results. She said everything was right where it should be for baseline levels! My uterine lining was 2.5mm and my estrogen levels were less than 20. She said I probably won't even get my period this week like I was technically supposed to because the BCPs worked so well. Effective immediately, I reduce the Lupron from 10 units to 5 units every night, and I start taking Estradiol twice a day! Next monitoring appointment is July 5th.

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