Friday, June 28, 2013

Too Smart

We have been very honest with our 4 year old daughter about the surrogacy. She knows that families, just like people, all look different but they all have LOVE in common. She has been very excited for Mommy to grow a baby for J&S, and has been demanding for weeks that I get the baby seed in my tummy already.

So you can imagine my surprise when she declares one night that she doesn't want me to grow a baby for J&S. But don't worry, it gets better...and so funny. The kind of funny that only a preschooler can come up with...

Me: "I have to give myself shots to get my tummy ready to grow a baby for J&S."

Madi: "I don't want you to grow a baby for J&S. I want you to grow a baby for US!!!"

Cue stunned silence.

Me: "Ummm....Mommy's not going to grow a baby for us. We wanted two babies, and we have them. You and Sissy. So now it's time for Mommy to help a family who can't grow a baby on their own."

Madi: "Why can't J&S grow a baby on their own?"

I've explained this before, but did a quick explanation again. You know, just the basic "Boys' tummies don't grow babies. Only girls' tummies do."

To which my beautiful, brilliant, sassy 4 year old daughter replied:

"Mommy, don't you know that sometimes daddy seahorses grow the babies for the mommy?!"

Um, yeah. I'm gonna have my hands full with this little genius!

Daddy Seahorse Fun Fact:
The number of babies released by the male seahorse averages 100–1,000 for most species, but may be as high as 2,500. He typically gives birth at night and is ready for the next batch of eggs by morning when his mate returns!

Source: Wikipedia