Thursday, June 6, 2013

Milestone - 5,000 views!

I started this surrogacy blog on March 12, 2013.  

In less than 90 days, my lil' old blog has been viewed 5,137 times!

My blog has had visitors from the United States, Russia, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, South Korea, Norway, Indonesia, Poland, Italy, France, Ireland, India, and the United Arab Emirates.  

That is inconceivable to me. I know that there are probably blogs out there that get 5,000 views in an hour, or maybe even five minutes. But this has definitely exceeded my expectations. I didn't expect much from my blog...I was just looking for some place to write about my journey and to be able to share information with my IP's and our families. I'm glad it's doing so well. :)

My blog wouldn't exist without the inspiration of my fellow surrogate bloggers. In the weeks before my blog's debut, I stayed up until all hours of the night reading other surrogacy blogs. I started at the very beginning, sometimes blog entries from years ago, so that I could read about the surrogate's journey from start to finish. I was looking for any information about surrogacy I could find, and I figured reading real stories from real women was the best place to get the information I was looking for!

The first blog I came across was Kelli's, called I'm not the Mom, I'm just the Stork! Kelli (and her uterus) has been through 3 surrogacy journeys, and while reading about her second one, I realized she happened to be the surrogate for my favorite celebrity couple, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka (love them!). Then I started reading Jesse's blog, An International Surrogacy Journey. Reading Jesse's blog, I discovered that she was also a Circle surrogate, and had become good friends with Jeni. Jeni was the first person I spoke to at Circle, and she and I had also connected and become friends. I was also reading her blog, Love Makes a Family. Seeing all of these now "familiar" women commenting on each other's blogs, I realized how small the surrogacy community can really be. It's a pretty awesome group of women, and the blogs are a wonderful way for a first timer like me to learn what's ahead!

We're only at the beginning steps of this journey, but I've already made some lifelong friendships! And that will always mean more than the number of pageviews. :)

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