Wednesday, June 19, 2013

We Are Officially Cycling!

Last night I started the first of my cycle medications, the Lupron injections!

Wait, did I actually just end that sentence with an exclamation point?

I've been so excited to get these cycle meds started, I stopped being anxious about the injections a while ago. That is, until yesterday afternoon. As the day went on, and my errands and mommy chores began to wrap up, I started getting really nervous. And mean and bitchy. I was folding laundry in the bedroom (away from my family in an effort to spare them from my bitchiness), and I texted Jeni to let her know I was starting to freak out. The idea of poking a needle through my skin and injecting a medication seemed like a ridiculous concept.

Clearly, I would not make a very good drug addict.

So once Jeni was done laughing at me, she realized it was already 5:30 in the evening and started trying to convince me to just get it over with now. That made my nerves go from "My tummy has crazy butterflies" to "I'm about to puke and may also shit my pants simultaneously." Finally, I agreed it was time to just do it! I gathered all of the supplies together, and Austin and I locked ourselves in the bathroom.

Lupron, syringe, alcohol swabs, and of course,
chocolate to reward my awesomeness!

Austin sat on the edge of the tub, while I cleaned the top of the bottle with an alcohol swab. I took the cap off the syringe, and held it up to look at the tiny needle. "It's so tiny and thin, you have to really focus on it in order to even see it," I said. I glanced over at Austin, saw his face, and immediately said, "GET OUT!"

Now it was my turn to laugh. He was already looking pale and clammy, and all I'd done was take off the cap.

"I wanna be here to support you," he insisted.

"I'm way better than you are right now. Get out. GET OUT!" I laughed.

He didn't need any more insistence. He scurried out calling over his shoulder, "I'll sit right outside the door!"

Jeni called me on FaceTime (like Skype for iPhone) and I propped the phone up so she could watch. I'm so glad she did that, because I knew she couldn't sit on the phone with me forever, so I couldn't stall for several minutes (or hours). I dosed the medication into the syringe, and then I cleaned my skin with the alcohol swab, fanning it (for a looooong while) to make sure it was good and dry. With Jeni on my phone telling me how brave I was, and Austin in the hallway shouting "You can do it babe!" through the closed bathroom door (seriously, lmao), I pinched my skin on my stomach, hesitated for maybe a minute, and then....

 I DID IT!!!!

It was so easy! I didn't even feel it! Trust me, I absolutely hated it when people kept telling me you don't feel it, but I really didn't feel anything. I pushed the needle in slowly, and it just sinks right through the skin with very little effort. I was shocked at how easy it was, and super proud of myself.

Beep Beep!

(That's me tooting my own horn.)

I rewarded myself with a piece of chocolate, plus one four more for conquering a fear that almost caused me to back out of my dream of being a surrogate. I've already done my injection tonight, and I didn't even wait until Austin got home from work (because really, what good would that do?!). Everything went awesome again tonight, and I may or may not have said out loud "I totally rocked that bitch!"

I didn't get any pictures last night because I was so focused on just getting it done, so these are from tonight.

The tiny needle with the Lupron in the syringe!

And here is a picture of me, the girl who is scared of needles, 
sticking a needle into my stomach! Woot woot!

Hahahaha....Austin just walked in while this picture was up on the monitor, and he made some kind of unintelligible noise and walked right back out. I guess it's a good thing for BOTH of us I don't have to do the PIO shots!


  1. Haha! So funny! I remember having those same fears. WTG!

  2. YAY! Great job! Did I miss something, though? I thought NEFI stuck you on suppositories?

  3. YAY!!!! I am so excited for you!

    I start my Lupron on Friday!