Thursday, June 27, 2013

Monitoring Appointment #1

Just had my first monitoring appointment at a local fertility clinic since starting my cycle meds. This clinic, selected by our actual IVF clinic in Connecticut, will do my blood work and ultrasounds leading up to our transfer next month. I have an appointment here weekly to see how I'm responding to the cycle medications. I started Lupron on June 18th, and took my last active BCP on June 24th, so at this appointment they are looking for my ovaries to be inactive and my uterine lining to be very thin. If it is, then I will reduce the amount of Lupron I'm on, and start taking the estrogen.

My uterine lining measured 2.5mm, and the ultrasound tech had a very hard time finding my ovaries. She finally found the left one, but had to call for back up to find the right one. That involved several uncomfortable minutes with the weenie wand! I was getting worried (even though I know I have two ovaries!), but they explained that the ovaries are harder to see when they are "so quiet." Eventually they saw both ovaries, and I guess that means I am responding well to the meds so far!

Hopefully I'll hear from our actual IVF clinic with the results later today!

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