Thursday, April 25, 2013

Medical Screening

Things are moving quickly again!

Yesterday afternoon, the IVF clinic in Connecticut contacted me to schedule my medical screening appointment for May 1st--next week! We fly out on Tuesday morning and will come home Wednesday afternoon. This is the appointment where they take blood and urine samples (from both Austin and myself) for routine tests. A full physical examination is done (thank goodness I already got rid of my IUD) and the doctor performs a hysterosonogram. This procedure involves the doctor filling my beautiful and perfect uterus with saline and then doing a transvaginal ultrasound to take pictures of said uterus. I have only had one transvaginal ultrasound before, way back in 2003 when I was pregnant with Emily. I don't remember it being too uncomfortable, but I do remember giggling at the sight of the ultrasound wand.

Let's just put it all out there looks like a penis.

I have discovered, in my obsessive blog reading intense research, that I am not alone in this observation. In fact, fellow surrogates before me have affectionately nicknamed this ultrasound instrument "The Weenie Wand."

Click that link. You have to. You know you want to. Dooo iiit!!!

It has become so common that even a Google Image search for "weenie wand" will provide you with pictures of the ultrasound wand...well, mostly.

And speaking of Google Image, I did a search for "Weschester Airport" since I am not a frequent flyer and have never been further north (on the east coast) than Virginia. I am nervous about flying and have not flown since before 9/11. Wouldn't you know one of the first things I see is this wretched picture...

I immediately yelled "WTF?!?!" (not abbreviated), and of course clicked on the picture. Which took me to a news article about a practice emergency drill conducted at Westchester. Little sigh of relief, but OH MY GOD.

Google Image for weenie wands--yes.

Google Image for airports--NO!!!!


  1. I googled searched your "term" for the wand and the first image was a soldier that said Operation Kill Screen.. lol Second picture though was it and you are totally right! lol I can't believe how fast this is all happening! I assumed it would take longer then this.

  2. That weenie wand is very odd! Kind of uncomfortable depending if they are trying to ultrasound your throat lmao! You'll do great so happy for you! Have Austin give u benadryl for flight:) goodluck