Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Certifiably Not Crazy

I haven't had a chance yet to blog about the MMPI test I had to take last Friday! This was the last step in the application process, so I was excited to get it done! Unlike the other steps, I wasn't nervous about this one. You might remember from a previous post that I was actually looking forward to it. I've heard the questions can be interesting, so I was very curious to see for myself!

I did start to get a little worried when I tried to log in to the online meeting software to "meet" with the psychologist, and the site wouldn't let me log in to the meeting. After making a few phone calls to Circle, I talked to the psychologist and found out she was running late and hadn't yet logged in, making it so that I was unable to log in as well. Whew! Glad it wasn't me. :)

The MMPI stands for the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, and the version I took was actually called the MMPI-2RF, which is the new and improved version. It also has less questions than the original...so instead of 567 true/false questions, there are "only" 338 questions. This sounded very intimidating, but really didn't take long at all. The test checks 10 areas:

  1. Concern with bodily symptoms
  2. Depressive symptoms
  3. Awareness of problems and vulnerabilities
  4. Conflict, struggle, anger, respect for society's rules
  5. Stereotypical masculine or feminine interests/behaviors
  6. Level of trust, suspiciousness, sensitivity
  7. Worry, anxiety, tension, doubts, obsessiveness
  8. Odd thinking and social alientation
  9. Level of excitability
  10. People orientation
Dr. H watched me on the webcam the entire time, but she covered up her camera so it wouldn't get distracting seeing her out of the corner of my eye staring at me. So after a quick explanation by the psychologist about the test, it was time for me to get started!

Question #1:
"I like mechanics magazines."

Um, false.

Question #2:
"I think I would like the work of a librarian."

True! I'm a bookworm!

Question #3:
"Evil spirits possess me at times."

What?! Do I get points off for laughing?!
(My answer was false, by the way.)

The questions continued like this, with several that seemed pointless (not really, but you know what I mean) and then BAM! A crazy one was thrown in there! Here are some of the other questions I found quite interesting...

"My soul sometimes leaves my body."

"My hands and feet are almost always the temperature they are supposed to be."

"I used to like drop-the-hankerchief."  (Again, what?!?!)

"I see things or animals or people around me that others do not see."

Once I finished the test, Dr. H said she would be in touch if there were any responses she needed me to elaborate on, but otherwise, she didn't see anything so far that was of any concern. So that's it! Application process--done!

And because I know, after my previous post, many of you are wondering what happened when I got to the question about the "unusual sexual behaviors." Fortunately, the question was not written as subjectively as I'd heard it might be. It actually said:

"I have never been in trouble because of my sexual behaviors."

True! Hooray!

(Well...unless you count the time my stepmom walked in on us as teenagers...)  ;)


  1. Becca! You absolutely kill me! LOL I cannot believe some of those questions? What? I didn't have to do the MMPI online. I actually met with a psychologist, which still was nerve wracking! :) Totally loved reading this, it made my day! :)

  2. I just did my MMPI yesterday and have my Skype call with IP's tomorrow. Thank you for blogging, it helps to see what everyone else goes through, and nice to know your not the only person doing this.