Monday, May 6, 2013

Surrogacy Contract, Yuck

This is the part I'm hoping is over with quickly.

The contract negotiations, the "business" part of surrogacy, is uncomfortable. Fortunately, because we are using an agency that has experienced attorneys, the guys and I don't have to figure out this part on our own. The attorneys draft the contract, and then work with us individually to make the changes we think are necessary.

But I hate it.

We have spent the last month getting to know these two amazing men and their family and building a relationship with them. I care about them deeply already, and they seem to really care about my family too. This friendship makes the business part feel awkward, but hopefully since the guys and I seem to be on the same page about everything, it will go smoothly and we can move on to the baby making! I can't start any injection meds until after the contracts are complete, but for now, it appears that we may do the embryo transfer in early July!

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  1. I am nervous about the Contract Phase too! Mainly because I have no idea what to expect. We are hoping for a Late June/Early July Transfer too!

    Good luck with the Contracts!