Monday, May 20, 2013

Hurry Up and Wait

I can't believe it's been almost a month since we started contract revisions. We were pretty much on the same page as J&S about everything, so I really thought this part would be done already. It looks like we're in the home stretch now, just one little wrinkle to iron out. Once contracts are finally signed, we can start to move forward again in this journey and get on to the baby making!

While the contract revisions have been going on in the background, the guys and I have continued to email daily, Skype weekly, and even text now! I found this great smart phone messenger app, called Kik, which allows us to text each other without any of the international charges. Now when I want to send one quick little message to J&S, it doesn't have to be through an email! It's such a little thing to get excited about, but when you are communicating with someone that lives nearly 5,000 miles away, it's pretty cool for it to be instantaneous. If you are a surrogate or an international IP, you should definitely think about trying Kik!

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